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What We Offer

The Black Class Action Secretariat (BCAS) plays a pivotal role in addressing and combatting anti-Black racism and systemic discrimination across Canada's public services and sectors. Through a diverse array of initiatives, BCAS offers a comprehensive set of services aimed at driving positive change and promoting racial equity.

The BCAS was born out of the need for justice and equity in the workplace. The groundbreaking federal lawsuit not only shed light on the pervasive issue of anti-Black racism but also ignited a spark of change. As the case progressed, we witnessed Black and racialized workers from various levels of government and the private sector step forward, sharing their experiences and aspirations for a fairer future.

At BCAS, our commitment is unwavering, and our services are designed to empower individuals and organizations to actively address and prevent anti-Black racism. We engage with stakeholders, collaborate with partners, and leverage our expertise to foster dialogue, enact policy changes, and promote inclusive practices. Our ultimate goal is to eliminate racial disparities, ensure equal access to opportunities, and build a more inclusive and harmonious Canada for all.

Black Leadership Presentation
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SAFE - System for Achieving Fairness and Equity Certification Program

Program Overview:

The SAFE (System for Achieving Fairness and Equity) Certification Program is designed to recognize and affirm organizations that have established comprehensive systems to prevent anti-Black racism and racial discrimination against all racialized groups within their operations. This certification serves as a symbol of commitment to racial equity, inclusivity, and anti-racism. 

Seal of the Black Class Action Secretariat

Representation Program - Empowering Black and Racialized Employees

Program Overview:

The BCAS Representation Program is dedicated to ensuring that Black and racialized employees receive culturally sensitive representation when their unions may not have the expertise in addressing issues of anti-Black racism and systemic discrimination. This program recognizes the importance of equitable representation for all workers and offers support to unions and members when representing a Black or racialized member on issues related to anti-Black racism and systemic discrimination. 

Image of Nicholas Marcus Thompson

Anti-Black Racism Education and Awareness Program

Program Overview:

The Anti-Black Racism Education and Awareness Program is designed to equip unions and organizations with the knowledge, tools, and strategies to combat anti-Black racism and create just workplaces. This program fosters understanding, promotes inclusivity, and empowers participants to effect positive change within their organizations. 

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Anti-Black Racism Reporting and Advocacy Program

Program Overview:

The Anti-Black Racism Reporting and Advocacy Program is designed to provide a platform for individuals to report instances of anti-Black racism within public services and sectors. The program focuses on evaluating reports to determine if systemic racism is present and takes appropriate actions, including legal and advocacy routes, to address the deeply rooted nature of anti-Black racism when existing mechanisms are insufficient. Workers can file a report here

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