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BCAS Announces New Board of Directors

OTTAWA, February 1, 2024 – The Black Class Action Secretariat (BCAS), Canada’s leading organization combatting anti-Black racism and discrimination in employment, proudly announces its new Board of Directors. This announcement comes as a beacon of progress at the onset of Black History Month in Canada, marking a new chapter in the organization’s commitment to fostering equity and justice.


Chairman Rohan Bansie spearheads the board with an impressive portfolio in law, dispute resolution, and management consulting. His extensive, multifaceted career is distinguished by representation in various legal capacities, achievements in mediation and arbitration, and significant contributions to education and public speaking. Mr. Bansie’s appointment as Chairman is a testament to his unwavering dedication to justice and his profound understanding of the complexities involved in dismantling systemic discrimination.


The board is further strengthened by professionals with deep-rooted expertise in key sectors:

  • Dr. Sabrina Jafralie, a dedicated educator and researcher, brings her vast experience in fostering equity and religious literacy, recognized for her exceptional contribution to teaching and activism.

  • Jennifer Carr, a leading figure in the labor movement, adds her comprehensive understanding of workers' rights and her advocacy for inclusive workplaces.

  • Massoda Ma Nlep, a seasoned financial professional, contributes his extensive knowledge in financial management, ensuring robust financial stewardship for the organization.

  • Jason MacLean, a distinguished trade unionist, offers his profound commitment to social justice and community service, echoing the core values of the BCAS.


The board has appointed Nicholas Marcus Thompson to serve as President and CEO. As the BCAS embraces this new leadership, the organization reaffirms its dedication to its mission: to dismantle systemic racism and promote a just and equitable society for all. The new board, with its diverse expertise and shared vision, is poised to lead the BCAS into a future where the principles of equality and justice are not just ideals but realities for Black Canadians and all marginalized communities.


The collective expertise, dedication and energy of our new board members are pivotal for our journey ahead. Together, we stand committed to breaking down the barriers of systemic racism and building a society that upholds the dignity and potential of every individual. The new board represents a renewed pledge to our cause and the communities we serve. Rohan Bansie, Chairman of the BCAS Board


The BCAS is excited to embark on this new phase with a team that embodies the spirit of change and the promise of a brighter, more inclusive future.


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About BCAS

The Black Class Action Secretariat (BCAS) is a non-profit organization dedicated to combating systemic racism and discrimination, with a focus on eradicating anti-Black racism in both public and private sector employment. Through advocacy, education, and legal action, BCAS is committed to building a society of true equality and justice.


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